Barry Robinson Center Honors High School Graduates

Barry Robinson Center Honors High School Graduates

Notes of “Pobarry_boysmp and Circumstance” are sounding around the country this month, as high school seniors celebrate at graduation ceremonies. But what about students who are unable to participate in their high school events?

For only the third time in at least 25 years, The Barry Robinson Center has high school graduates among its current residents. And true to form, teachers and staff created a memorable event for the Center’s two graduates at its annual end of the school year ceremony on Friday, June 9.

“This has been amazing for her to be able to graduate,” said the father of one student, who a few moments earlier had been proudly photographing his daughter as she marched down the aisle of the chapel in her high school regalia.

The two graduates were recognized individually for their academic accomplishments, which are impressive and an inspiration to the other students.

And these high-caliber students also serve as prime examples of how The Barry Robinson Center works with students, their families and their home schools to help ensure students stay on track academically and thrive during their residential treatment.

One student, an honor graduate who earned an Advanced Diploma from her home high school, will be heading to college in the fall, with long-term plans to attend law school and become an attorney.

The other student, a National Merit Scholar, received the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, and is also an AP Scholar with Distinction, who earned college credit for 10 AP courses. She received an academic scholarship and plans to major in physics.

After presentations of flowers, turning of tassels and tossing of caps, the graduates joined other students, staff and families for a cookout that featured graduation cakes in their home high school colors, served by Dietary staff sporting t-shirts in the high school colors – just another creative way The Barry Robinson Center staff strive to honor students.

“Today’s ceremony was wonderful,” a graduate’s father said. “The time here at Barry Robinson has been life-changing for her and our family, helping her to get back on track.”

The graduate’s mother echoed those sentiments, adding, “The staff is so caring and so personable. We really appreciate all of their work to make this event special for our daughter and the other kids.”


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