Give Today


Gold Level – $50/month

Our highest level of monthly giving. It is with these contributions that we fund our scholarship program. Children who meet our qualifications but do not have the insurance or state sponsorship will be given the same opportunity as their peers with different financial circumstances.

It is with our humble thanks that we extend our highest level of appreciation for your generous monthly giving. Those at our Gold Level will receive our monthly email, a framed work of art from one of our children, and be invited to our Annual Appreciation Chorus where Gold Level contributors will be recognized by our staff, alumni, and residents.

At the end of the first year of your generous giving, we will place an engraved brick with your name in our walkway. It will serve as a permanent reminder that these children were considered important by their community and of the importance of charity in changing the world.

Crimson Level – $25/month

Our most popular level of contribution. We depend on our Crimson Level to make important additions that improve programs at all levels, touching the lives of those who stay here. Special clinical programs, arts, and campus improvements are all affected by our Crimson Level contributions and help us to redefine behavioral health for the greatest possible impact on our youth.

Crimson Level givers will receive our monthly email and a framed original work of art from one of the children whose life that you have helped to enrich.

Blue Level – $5/month

Never has such as small number made such a huge difference. At a monthly giving level of just $5, your contribution helps to improve the programs that expose children to music, art and team sports. These programs teach kids an appreciation for people and creativity that they will carry with them into their adult lives – and you can help make it possible.

As a special thank you, you will receive monthly emails containing the artwork from the children and read stories of inspiration as they learn and grow into the generation of tomorrow.

One-Time Donation