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  • New Intensive Outpatient Program Helps Teens with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Issues

    Teens struggling with mental illness and substance abuse have a new source of help, thanks to The Barry Robinson Center, which opened an adolescent dual-diagnosis outpatient program Monday, July 17. The first program of its kind in southeastern Virginia can put teens on a path to healing and recovery at a time when the problem of substance abuse continues...

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  • Barry Robinson Center Honors High School Graduates

    Notes of “Pomp and Circumstance” are sounding around the country this month, as high school seniors celebrate at graduation ceremonies. But what about students who are unable to participate in their high school events? For only the third time in at least 25 years, The Barry Robinson Center has high school graduates among its current residents. And true to form,...

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  • Students Recognized for Classroom Achievements

    Recognition and award ceremonies are a mainstay at most schools as the academic year comes to close, and like its counterparts in the community, The Barry Robinson Center School holds a similar event. But what sets the Barry Robinson School apart is its teachers’ determination to look for accomplishments and positive attributes in EVERY student. On Friday, June 9,...

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  • The Barry Robinson Center is Going Live!

    Join The Barry Robinson Center and Corebrain Journal when they go live on Facebook to discuss The Adolescent Impulsive Brain Neuroscience and Executive Function. Presented by Dr. Charles Parker. live March 31, 2017 at 11:30. Go to http://corebrainjournal.com/reality17 to download slides.

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  • Residential Insights – Robert McCartney

    Rob McCartney the Executive Director of The Barry Robinson Center, a short-term non-profit behavioral health residential program for both children and adolescents, recently sat down with Dr. Charles Parker from CoreBrain Journal to talk about BRC. This podcast provides insight about who The Barry Robinson Center is as an organization, the children they serve and how they got to be who they are today. In...

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