Residential Insights – Robert McCartney

Residential Insights – Robert McCartney

rob_mccartneyRob McCartney the Executive Director of The Barry Robinson Center, a short-term non-profit behavioral health residential program for both children and adolescents, recently sat down with Dr. Charles Parker from CoreBrain Journal to talk about BRC. This podcast provides insight about who The Barry Robinson Center is as an organization, the children they serve and how they got to be who they are today. In this fascinating episode, Rob discusses important details in the evolution of family oriented residential care, including his innovative program that uses de-escalation plans to dramatically decrease physical holding and how he abolished seclusion as a means of child/adolescent management.

Rob McCartney sets a new, exemplary standard for residential care.  You will appreciate hearing Rob’s report on the evolution of his programs and how he manages to keep families together even though far apart and return hope to the family unit. From the time they come in he’s planning on their going home.



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