Our Treatment Approach


Therapeutic Community

St. Brendan’s Harbor believes in the power of the therapeutic community. The therapeutic community is established when individuals are joined together in an organized, supportive and productive way to promote positive change and growth during their time together. Each member of the therapeutic community shares the responsibility of creating and maintaining the therapeutic focus of the community. In this environment, both the youth and staff become agents of change.

Program staff will provide youth the opportunity to accept as much responsibility as they demonstrate they are willing and able to handle.

We believe that the therapeutic community is one of the most effective settings for beginning the recovery process as it encourages honest communication and responsible day-to-day living. It is an opportunity to develop greater responsibility and independence while increasing the youth’s ability to give and receive feedback and healthy support. These opportunities and experiences will provide the basic tools each youth will need to continue growth and recovery in their home and community.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Individual therapy provides an opportunity to address issues specific to each youth and their recovery. Individual therapy provides a time to discuss feelings and issues in a confidential and supportive environment. This component of treatment assists in the establishment of trust and openness, the development of treatment goals, clarification of problems and solutions to those problems, and enhancing decision making skills. Individual therapy is a critical component of treatment with frequency of sessions determined by the Medical Director.

Family therapy is a critical component of the St. Brendan’s Harbor treatment model. As each youth and their family are affected by the youth’s addiction, it is vital to understand the role each member of the youth’s closest support system plays in that addiction. Family therapy allows the youth and their family to learn improved ways to communicate and work together toward recovery. Consistent family participation is encouraged with regular educational opportunities available for the family followed by group participation with the family and youth.

Group therapy provides an opportunity to begin relating with peers in more constructive and healthy ways. Group therapy provides an environment where youth are able to develop a sense of trust and belonging, encouraged to share uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and work towards addressing issues related to their addiction. Through feedback from staff and peers, youth are encouraged to face the reality of their situation and learn the skills necessary to cope effectively.

Additional Therapies/ Services
St. Brendan’s Harbor provides a licensed, accredited Education Program, individualized to meet the specific needs of each youth. Recreational Therapy is incorporated to assist youth in exploring, identifying, and communicating their feelings, thoughts, ideas, values and behavior through a variety of activities and groups. Structured Educational Groups use lectures, discussion, audio/visual aids to assist youth in developing greater understanding and knowledge of issues important to recovery. Among other additional services available to youth at St. Brendan’s Harbor, Nursing Education is provided to help youth understand the importance of good physical health and well-being, as well as to educate youth on the impact of addiction on the body. St. Brendan’s Harbor also provides a Monitored Dietary Program overseen by our registered dietitian.


Adolescent Substance Abuse Services

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation by Licensed Professionals
  • 24-hour Support and Supervision
  • Personal Plan for Recovery
  • Group Therapy
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Education on Disease and Recovery
  • Monitored Nutritional Program
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Accredited School Program
  • 12-Step On-Campus Program that includes AA and NA
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention Education
  • Individualized Aftercare Plan