The Military Courtyard Project


Honoring the Sacrifice of Military Families

Friends and Colleagues,
For over 80 years, The Barry Robinson Center has been providing care to children and their families. We are proud that our mission of “Improving the Lives of Children” includes working with the military community. To show our appreciation for the many sacrifices that our military families make, we are renovating our courtyard.

We invite you to join us in honoring our military families by becoming a part of The Barry Robinson Center Courtyard Project. Your participation in this fundraiser will help us to salute those military families who sacrifice daily to serve our community. Our goal for this project is $100,000. We are offering multiple levels of participation and rewards for your participation!


Brick honoring a military family member


Brick with your name
*Due to space – Only 1,200 available


Bench (8)


Military Monument Plaque (6)


Flag Pole US Flag (1)


Reflection Garden (4)


I would like the brick engraved as follows:
*2 Lines Maximum