Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program provides focused and comprehensive treatment for children and youth with a variety of possible barriers to learning in different environments. Barriers can include, but are not limited to:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Developmental delays,
  • Intellectual disabilities,
  • Behavioral disorders,
  • Attention disorders,
  • Conduct disorders,
  • Severe maladaptive behavior such as aggression and/or self-injury,
  • Adaptive symptoms of past trauma, and
  • Any need to increase and/or decrease behavior of social significance.

High quality ABA treatment requires that treatment begin as early as possible and that it be intensive. Each client’s individual treatment plan will be intensive in nature. We assess skills and performance to identify each learner’s skill and behavioral needs. Then, we tailor the hours of therapeutic treatment each week to the individual. Treatment frequency and length depends on the prioritized needs of each client and their progress in reaching their goals.

We offer services in-home and in our ABA clinic. Many times, clients need a combination of in-home and clinic-based therapy. 

In-home:  We assess the environment to find the best location in the home to deliver services, based on the learner’s skill needs and level of intervention. In-home services help the learner develop and maintain skills in their familiar environment, and then apply those skills across environments. 

In the ABA Clinic:  Our clinic gives therapists the ability to use separate rooms for separate learner needs, This may be more conducive to learning for some children. The clinic setting is particularly effective for children who are easily distracted at home, engage in property destruction or are extremely physically aggressive. Our ABA clinic is also very effective for parents with very busy schedules that in-home services are not the best option. 

Wherever our clients receive services, we integrate reinforcement and behavior reduction strategies. This helps increases appropriate behavior and decreases maladaptive behavior with appropriate replacement behavior. 

As part of treatment, we also integrate family training into therapy to holistically strengthen the skills acquired and provide consistency in treatment.

We reassess services every six months to demonstrate progress gains. Usually, treatment is provided in a 6-month authorization period. 

Program Hours

We offer ABA services Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., with weekend hours when necessary.

More Information

To learn more or refer a child or youth for ABA services, please contact us:



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