B-SMART – Self-Management And Restoration Track

In B-SMART substance abuse groups, members must gain a sense of self-awareness (reasoning behind why they may use drugs or alcohol), become honest with themselves and others (discussing their use of substances within a group setting), and be open to suggestions and change (implementing tools offered by the group counselor/therapist).

During these process groups, our therapist encourages each member to participate and share how they can relate to the theme of the group. By engaging, group members learn new aspects about themselves while also realizing they are not alone in their daily struggles. Group topics include:

Recovery: What it means to begin the process of change; setting personal goals

Triggers: How to identify triggers that may cause substance abuse or other risky behaviors.

Coping Skills: How to cope with life stressors; identifying productive activities/skills to help cope with cravings

Denial: What does it mean to be in denial? How to avoid peer pressure; how to say “no;” learn new social and interpersonal skills

Relapse Prevention: What it means to relapse; developing a relapse prevention plan and process ways to avoid relapse.

Substance Abuse Education: Awareness and discussion on key terms and the effects of drugs on the mind and body.

Process groups help adolescents by allowing them the opportunity to be themselves and express personal issues, and obtain support, encouragement and feedback from their peers and group counselor/therapist.

Family participation includes one group session each week. Besides the group work, participants may also utilize The Center’s recreation and art therapy.

Adolescents attend the program three days a week, for three hours each day after school. The average length of participation is 9-12 weeks, and our discharge planning helps ensure participants have appropriate support services after the program.


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