Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear from clients and prospective clients. Please contact us for more information.

Intensive Outpatient Program


Addiction is a chronic, progressive, relapsing disorder. The medical community recognizes addiction as a medical condition that affects the brain. Both genetic and environmental factors lead to the development of an addiction.

Typically, we conduct an interview and assessment within a few days of a referral to the program. If the referral is accepted, the participant begins group work on the next scheduled group day.

While each participant will have an individualized plan, the program has two overarching goals for each participant:

  • To understand more about their motivation to use drugs or alcohol
  • To educate and empower them to make decisions for change.

We do not screen participants for drug use. Participants tend to build more trust with counselors and their peers in the absence of drug screening.

Research shows that the benefits of attending group sessions far outweighs the risk of someone becoming connected to drug-using peers.

Please consult with your group leader to discuss schedule. We recommend not missing more than three consecutive program sessions. Missing five consecutive sessions will result in discharge from the program.

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