Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care is a interim placement designed to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for youth that must be removed from their family. The Therapeutic Foster Care home provides a stable, predictable, nurturing home environment with a teaching parent. The parent supports the youth in learning healthy responses in stressful situations, and to develop socially appropriate behaviors. The youth is matched with a teaching family that can maximize the youth’s strengths and provide effective treatment. When possible, home visits with the identified therapuetic foster family are planned to assist the youth in adjusting to the home. As the youth progress toward meeting the goals of treatment, a step-down program is implemented to assist the youth in a less structured setting. At this level, all adjunctive support is provided in the community.

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FOGH Program

The Family Oriented Group Home (FOGH) Program is designed to provide a residential placement in a family environment to court involved youth ages 11-18 who require short-term, out of home placements pending court disposition. The Center has been providing this service for the City of Norfolk since 1998 and continues serving those youth under court order as well as those admitted to the program via the Intake Unit of Norfolk Juvenile Courts or thru the Entrustment process (as deemed appropriate by the Norfolk Court Services Unit). The program is designed to match qualified parents with an individual child who is unable to reside in their biological home for a designated period of time with the ultimate goal of successfully transitioning them back into their home environment.