The Barry Robinson Center

Choosing the Right Residential Treatment Program for Your Child or Adolescent

If you’re looking for a residential treatment program, you may feel overwhelmed, confused and consumed by questions. We understand, and we’re ready to help.

We’ve created a comparison guide with key indicators to ask about treatment centers you’re considering. We’ve supplied answers for The Barry Robinson Center and provided space for you to compare with alternatives you’re considering.

We urge you to visit all centers on your list, and we welcome you at The Barry Robinson Center. Please let us know what other questions we can help you answer as you decide on a placement.

Comparison Guide

Compare The Barry Robinson Center to other treatment centers:


Summary The Barry Robinson Center
Non-profit Yes – 501(c)(3)
TRICARE Approved Yes – 100% of Beds
Open Campus Yes
Milieu Therapy Yes – Based on
Resident to Staff Ratio 1:4
Dual Diagnosis Yes
Substance Use Treatment Yes –
Two Employed Child Psychiatrists Yes
RNs Yes
Therapist Ratio 1:6
Individual Therapy Yes
Family Therapy Yes –
Therapeutic Group Activities Yes
Recreational Therapy Yes
Pediatric Care Yes – CHKD Pediatricians
Trauma Responsive Yes
Accredited School Yes
Special Education Yes
AP Classes No
Gardening Program Yes
Other Treatment Options
Healthy Lifestyles Program Yes
Spiritual Life Program Yes
Scouting Program Yes
Animal Assisted Intervention Yes
Other Questions
Use Seclusion No
Sex Offender Programming No
Delinquent Behavior No
High Risk to Run No
Eating Disorders No

Head, Heart, Homefront

In this video, Rob McCartney, The Barry Robinson Center’s CEO shares about the importance of transparency inside residential treatment systems and offers insight around questions parents should be asking when considering care options for their children. This video is part of a series – Head, Heart, Homefront – produced for Military Family Month in November 2020.

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