The Barry Robinson Center

All therapies and services at The Barry Robinson Center are geared toward helping children and adolescents achieve their individual discharge criteria as outlined in their treatment plans. Discharge criteria answer the question, “What has to be accomplished for the child to be able to live at home?”

Each child’s treatment plan includes prescribed therapies, with the type and frequency of therapy determined by our assessment process. On average, children receive Individual Therapy twice weekly, Group Therapy and Activities daily and Family Therapy weekly.

We want your child’s time with us to be rich and rewarding. Empowering residents with creative options for coping with the trauma they have experienced gives them new tools and methods for processing their emotions.

Art and recreational therapies, as well as other activities and services, enable children and teens to reflect on their experiences in a nurturing, non-threatening environment. Residents learn about themselves and others through activities such as painting, singing in the choir or grooming a horse. These kinds of activities boost self-confidence, giving residents a sense of purpose and belonging.

Our hope is for all of our residents to reach their full potential. Taking part in our therapies and other activities helps make that happen. We invite you to take a closer look at each of the different therapies currently available at BRC.


Our Therapies


Family Therapy


Individual Therapy


Group Therapies/Activities


Recreational Therapy


Art Therapy Activities


Medication Management

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