The Barry Robinson Center has been providing Treatment Foster Care services since 1995. We are a nonprofit agency committed to providing positive and accepting treatment homes for youth with behavioral and emotional challenges. Our Treatment Foster Parents function as an integral part of our professional team who provide care and stability for these children and teens.

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For more information, call us at 757-455-6100, or e-mail –

Make a Positive Impact

When you become a foster parent you:

  • Open your heart to children that need you
  • Provide a safe, supportive and stable family environment
  • Allow a child to benefit from the nurturance that your home can provide
  • Advocate for educational advancement and enrichment
  • Enhance their social development through exposure to community resources

Benefits of Becoming a Foster Parent

  • Make a significant difference in a child’s future
  • Form life-long relationships with the children that you assist
  • Receive on-going training and support
  • Financial assistance, depending on child’s clinical needs.

Potential foster parents must complete training. Training schedules are based on the needs of potential parents and the time of year. You must attend some classes in person. Other classes may be completed online. The training schedule will be provided in advance so you can fit it into your schedule.

We will take the time to learn about your family’s background and what you hope to achieve through fostering a child. We also run background checks and conduct home studies.

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