Testimonial #1


Testimonial #2

My son has ASD. After several years of countless in-home therapies and school interventions, we had made little to no progress in helping our son express and communicate his feelings without becoming angry and aggressive. I started to doubt myself as a mother and was beginning to feel I had failed my son. We came to the realization that he needed more help than we could give him in our home and, after much research, we placed him in the Barry Robinson Center. The day my husband and I took our son there, I was still second guessing myself as a mother and the decision to admit our son to a residential facility. From the moment we arrived, everyone was very welcoming and caring. The campus itself was so open and beautiful. We were able to see a group of kids walking along the path and they were smiling and seemed happy. The dorm leader saw how withdrawn my son was and asked if he and my husband wanted to see my son’s room and meet his roommate. He even allowed my husband to help our son decorate his room with his personal belongings to help ease the transition. When we met with our son’s counselor, I immediately sensed that she knew and understood our son and she had already set goals for his specific individual needs. After getting our son settled in and driving away, we had no doubt that we had made the right decision. The staff, counselors, doctors and nurses exceeded all of my expectations and for the first time in a long while I felt at ease that my son would finally receive the help he so needed. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity BRC has given not only my son but our family to be successful in the future.