At The Barry Robinson Center, all of our therapies and activities are designed to meet each individual resident’s needs, to help him or her be ready for discharge back home. Our dedicated team of professionals works together to provide our residents with a nurturing, supportive environment to help them reach their treatment goals.

Our primary milieu intervention model is evidence-based and success oriented. We incorporate relationship therapies with CBT and Trauma Informed Care practices. We also offer many expressive therapy opportunities including art therapy, music therapy and recreational therapy, along with a wide range of activities that includes Boy Scouts, music ensembles, gardening and volunteer opportunities in a program that sets us apart from other residential centers. Each child’s treatment plan includes prescribed therapies, with the type and frequency determined by our assessment process.

The Barry Robinson Center School has a fully accredited and award-winning education program that focuses on the individual, incorporating each child’s treatment goals into their academic day. Our teachers work with students, their families and their home schools to help ensure children and teens stay on track academically and thrive during their residential treatment.

Through therapy, education and activities, our comprehensive program gives children a sense of belonging and allows them to develop and master self-management skills. Our campus in Norfolk, Virginia, provides safety and security with clean, comfortable living areas, classrooms, dining hall and recreational facilities.

The Barry Robinson Center values the role of family members and encourages family involvement and visitation. Parents may visit anytime, no appointment necessary.

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