The Admissions staff is available to answer your questions, assist with referrals, and provide specific information on The Barry Robinson Center’s programs and services.

Referral sources include:

  • Parents
  • Legal Guardians
  • Probation Officers/ Court Service Units
  • Social Workers/ Departments of Social Services
  • School Counselors/ Teachers
  • CSA/ Family Assessment and Planning Teams
  • Other Treatment Facilities/ Providers

Referral information is received and reviewed by the Admissions office. A pre-placement interview may be conducted either telephonically or in person to obtain additional information regarding the client’s needs and to provide the client and family with information about The Barry Robinson Center programs. Consideration for Residential Treatment Services is aided by the following documents:

  • Psychological evaluation/ testing
  • Social history
  • IEP/ Educational reports
  • Most recent physical exam
  • Other relevant clinical reports from past providers or treatment facilities

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