School is traditionally one of the most stressful areas for children and teens with behavioral issues. At The Barry Robinson Center, we have a fully accredited K-12 school. Some of our teachers are special education endorsed, and most hold licensure in the content areas they teach. Our goal is to give residents a new outlook on school while they work toward their individual treatment goals.

Small Classes, Big Results

Our educational model blends with our holistic approach to treatment. With a small class size and a 4:1 ratio of staff to students, we customize each child’s instructional program and implement one of four distinct models to best meet each resident’s educational needs. These models are:

  • Direct instruction with a teacher in a classroom
  • Enrollment in accredited online course work with a contracted provider 
  • Continued participation in home school curriculum online
  • Combination of elements from the other three models

Teachers at BRC follow the same academic standards as public schools. They gauge students’ motivations and attitudes and find ways to help them succeed in their academic work. We also communicate with each resident’s parents and home school teachers to understand what issues the child faced in the classroom.

Residents take part in a traditional school day, year-round. We make every effort to keep them on track with their classmates at their home schools. Through rigorous instruction and attention to their individual needs, our Education team members help ensure our residents remain engaged and continue to make academic progress.

Our teachers also work together with clinical and residential staff to provide a 360-degree treatment plan. They collaborate to solve problems and seek new and innovative ways to connect children and knowledge. Forming those bridges among the various treatment modalities makes BRC such a special place. No matter what activity a resident is doing, it is connected to his or her treatment and academic progress.

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